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History of ITS Establishment

ITS of Korea visual

ITS History and Current Status

ITS(Intelligent Transport Systems)-Increasing Traffic Demand, Traffic Congestion, Limited Space Limited Resource, Rapid Industrialization

Milestones of ITS in Korea

Milestones of ITS in Korea
Stage Period Main Achievements
Stage 1
Introduction of ITS
1993~1998 (1993) Review of ITS by the Presidential SOC Investment Plan Group
(1994) FTMS Pilot Project (Gyeongbu Expressway)
(1997) Establishment of the 1st National ITS Master Plan
(1998) ITS Pilot Project (Gwacheon)
(1998) The 5th ITS World Congress held in Seoul
Stage 2
Laying Legal Foundation & System
1999~2004 (1999) Enactment of the Transport System Efficiency Act
(1999) Development ITS Architecture
(2001) Establishment of the 2nd National ITS Master Plan
(2001) Hi-pass (ETCS) Pilot Project
(2002) Establishment of National ITS Standardization
(2003) Project on Establishing ITS Model City (Jeonju, Daejeon, Jeju)
(2004) ITS Implementation on Seoul Urban Expressway
Stage 3
Growth & Expansion
2005~2010 (2005) Bus Information System (BIS) Pilot Project (Suwon-Sadang)
(2006) Establishment of Five ITS Centers of Regional Administration
(2007) Nationwide Expansion of Hi-pass (ETC)
(2009) Revision of National Transport System Efficiency Act
(2009) Deployment of ATMS by Local Governments
(2010) The 17th ITS World Congress hosted in Busan
Stage 4
Next Generation of ITS
2011~Present (2012) 54 Traffic Information Centers (including BIS centers) in Operation
(2012) Establishment of ITS Master Plan for Vehicles and Roads 2020
(2013) Research on Introduction Plan for C-ITS
(2014) SMART Highway Project
(2014) Private-Public Cooperation in Traffic Information (MOU)
(2016) C-ITS Pre-Deployment Project
(2016) R&D on Cooperative Automated Driving Highway System (C-AHS)

ITS Operation Status in Korea

ITS Operation Status in Korea-Installed on 100% of Expressway : 4,407Km -Installed on 22.7% of Total Length : 3,108Km -Installed on 10.4% of Total Length : 7,620Km *Expressway(Freeway) - VDS:2,530, AVC:271, VMS:1,186, CCTV:2,153, DSRC:967 *National Highway - DSRC:277, VDS:1,858, AVI:528, VMS:581 *Source: Road Transport Report in 2016

ITS Organizations in Korea

*Public Sector : 1.MOLIT - Law & Regulations Preparation, Business Support, Technology Development Support 2.Local Government-  RTMS Construction & Operation, Maintenance /Replacing of ITS Systems, Ordering ITS Project, 3.KEC - FTMS Construction & Operation, Maintenance /Replacing of ITS Systems, ITS R&D for FTMS 4.KAIA - Transportation R&D Planning, R&D Project Management. Certification of New Excellent Technology  5.National R&D Institute - ITS R&D for Policy & Technology, ITS Strategic Plan, ITS Business Management, New Technology Specification & Validation 6.ITS KOREA - Standardization, Verification & Certification, ITS Consulting, Overseas Business Support, Education, R&Ds *Private Sector : Technology Development, Providing Commercial Service, Overseas Business