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AFC(Automatic Fare Collection)

ITS of Korea visual

AFC – Automatic Fare Collection

Transportation Card

Integrated Transportation Card available for paying taxi, bus, subway, train and expressway fares

Shopping Center, Convenient Store Internet Shopping Mall, Vending Machine, etc. Parking lot, Subway, Bus, Taxi

Improve convenience of public transport by using an Electronic Transport Card to pay fares

Traffic Card Management Center - Card & Mobile, Telecommunication Provider, Relation ID, User of Mass Transportation, Bank/Card Company, Transportation Company. 1.Use of Mass Transportation /Transit Payment 2.Data Processing 3.Information Supply Exact Calculation. Inconvenient Payment(before) --> User-friendly Payment Method(after)

Card Usage Rate in Seoul : 98.6% of Bus Passengers, 100% of Subway (2016)

Card Usage Rate in Seoul :  98.6% of Bus Passengers, 100% of Subway (2016) graph

Bus Company - Securing Transparent Fare Management and Increasing Profit

No. of Bus Passenger, Fare Revenue, Transport Mode Share,Citizens' Satisfaction graph

One Card All Pass

  • - One Card All Pass : an integrated card not only for nationwide taxi, bus, and subway fares but also for train expressway was developed and introduced in 2014
  • - The first electronic payment system for public transportation was introduced in 1996, Seoul, Korea
  • - Based on the reform of the Seoul bus system in 2004, with just one transportation card, users can pay for most public transportation modes including taxis, buses and the subways
  • - Over 95% of bus passengers and 100% of subway passengers in Seoul use this transportation card

The Way to Go to my Hometown : 1.Home - 2.Expressway (Tolling Roads) - 3.KTX (Express Train)Seoul Station to Busan Station Home to Seoul Station - 4.Subway Busan Station to a Business Meeting Venue - 5.Urban Bus Meeting Venue to an Intercity Bus Station - 6.Intercity bus Intercity Bus Station to Ulsan - 7.Hometown(Ulsan). Cooperation(MOU) - Central & Local Governments, Transport Corporations, Card Companies. Transport Modes - Urban bus, Subway, Railway (Express Rail), Regional Bus (Express Bus), Airport, Public Bicycles. Transport Facilities -  Expressways (Tolling Roads), Public Parking Lots