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BIMS – Bus Information Management System

- Advanced Public Transportation System to increase its modal share of public transportation by providing real-time bus arrival time, bus's current location, and incident information to the public based on collected data

- Real-time bus arrival time provided through smart phones, BIT at bus stops and in subway stations

- Arrival time of adjacent subways, transfer and incident information, bus routes, last bus/transfer information etc. (news and city affairs) provided

- Interval among buses and monitoring of over-speed driving


Efficient bus operation and management to improve the bus user's convenience


  • Improve the quality of public transportation by securing punctuality of bus operation
  • Increase users' convenience by fast provision of accurate bus operation info.
  • Encourage and increase bus usage with high quality BIS
  • Effective bus operation management and monitoring by public organization and bus company


Data Collection, Process/Analysis, Information Provision

Information Provided

Bus Driver

- Intervals between previous and next bus

- Real-time bus operation

Bus Driver : 1.OBE - Location of previous/next buses, Display directions transmitted from center, Voice warning in case of speeding, non-stop, deviation from routes Transmit simple text to center
Bus User

- Expected bus arrival time

- Bus routes and fare

- Bus stations and transfer information

Bus User : 1.BIT - Expected arrival time and bus location in real time, Bus routes and PR of city affairs 2.Homepage - · Bus Information provided via homepage, BIS provided on maps of portal sites 3.Smartphone & QR code - Easily check bus arrival time using smartphone
Bus Administrator(Government/Company)

- Monitoring bus operation

- Analyzing the historical operation data

- Transmitting urgent messages

Operator/Bus Company : 1.Administrative S/W for Operators - Monitoring buses and facilities , Base data (routes, stations) management, Analysis of statistics on data of historical bus operation 2.Administrative S/W for Bus Company - Search historical data by route, Identify bus location