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ITS of Korea visual

ATES – Automatic Traffic Enforcement System

Automatic Enforcement for speeding, signal violations, illegal parking


- Reduce traffic accidents and inconvenience caused by vehicles breaking the rules

- Promote safe bus driving by enforcing the vehicles running on BRT line

- Reduce accidents and help smooth traffic flow by enforcing illegally parked cars

- Prevent accidents caused by speeding in advance by installing ATES in areas prone to accidents or speeding

Enforcement on speeding, Traffic Center - 1.Capture and recognize the plate numbers of vehicles which violate the traffic rules
, 2.Center matches the number against the DB of registered vehicles and issues a penalty charge.  Enforcement on BRT line, Enforcing illegal parking

Traffic Management Center : Control of Signal Violation, Control of Speed Limit Violation, Control of Parking and Stop Rule Violations, Control of Overloaded Vehicles. 1.Warning of Violation, 2.Remote Control, 3.Message Transmission