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Traffic Information Center

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introduction of National Traffic Information Center

National Traffic Information Center

Based on National Transport System Efficiency Act (Article 90. The establishment of NTIC), the traffic data collected by local governments, regional administrations, Korea Expressway Corporation, private financed highways and private sectors are gathered and processed in NTIC. Subsequently, NTIC provides the refined traffic information back to these providers and the major national organizations including the National Emergency Management Agency and National Intelligence Service as well as private citizens

Main Roles and Responsibilities

- Connect/Integrate traffic data collected in real time from nationwide as a hub and provide integrated traffic information

- Operation of ITS Standard Management System

- Operation of the task force team to manage the traffic for special occasions (national holidays, major accidents, typhoons, heavy snow)

Standardized Node/Link Management System

Node and Link, the units of electronic map, are systematically managed at the national level in NTIC so that it provides various stakeholders like ITS operators and project contractors with the unified conditions to efficiently connect the traffic data collected respectively

Standardized Node/Link Management System

  • Node : A point or specific spots where traffic flows are merged, diverged and changed on roads such as intersections, junctions or the entrance of tunnels
  • Link : A linkage of nodes such as roads, bridges, overpasses, underpasses and tunnels

Real-Time Monitoring&Management 24 / 7