Company Introduction

Introduce Korean ITS companies


LOTTE Data Communication Company

Company overview :

LOTTE DATA COMMUNICATION COMPANY (LDCC) is a subsidiary of LOTTE group which identifies hidden customer needs and establishes a business model for them. LDCC offers Total IT Service, covers the entire process of Digital Transformation based on next-generation core technologies and practices ESG management. Also, LDCC is expanding Mobility business such as Smart Transportation Solution, Smart Tolling System, ITS/C-ITS, Autonomous Shuttle and charging infrastructure for electric vehicles.

Business Area :

1st Category

※ Traffic Management
- Traffic Signal/Control · Incident Management · Traffic Information · Safe-driving Support
- Traffic Enforcement · Parking Management

※ Public Transportation
- Bus Information/ Management System · Public Transportation Information/Management
- Multi Modal Information/Management · Bus Rapid Transit System/Solution · Pedestrian/Disabled Support System

※ Electronic Payment
- Electronic Toll Collection · Electronic Parking Payment · Electronic Fare Payment

※ Traffic Information Integration/Management
- Traffic Information Integration · Traffic Information Center Traffic Data Management

※ Traveler Information
- Pre/On-Trip Traveler Information Service · Telematics Service

※ Advanced Vehicle/ROad
- Safe-driving Vehicle & Road · Autonomous Driving · Drive Assistant System

※ Commercial Vehicle Operation
- Fleet Management System · Hazardous Freight Management · Logistics

※ Others
- Smart Tolling, Charging infrastructure for electric vehicles

2nd Category

Hardware,Software,SI,Consulting,Others2,Operation and Maintenance

On going project or R&D :

- Sejong City Autonomous Driving Demonstration Regulation Free Zone R&D
- 2021 Central Region Multi-lane Hi-pass Manufacturing Purchase (including installation)
- Fast Charging Facility Auxiliary Business of Electric Vehicles conducted by the Ministry of Environment and the Korea Environment Corporation
- Expressway ITS operation facility of Icheon-Osan

Others :

- KC Certification of multi-lane hi-pass video recording device (AI vehicle number recognition solution) (2020)
- Certification of non-stop and multi-lane electronic payment system (2018)
- ISO9001, CMMI Level 3, ISO20000, ISO27001, ISO50001, ISMS, GS
- Excellent company in win-win growth index evaluation (2019)
- The 17th Korea SW Enterprise Competitiveness Comprehensive Grand Prize - Minister of Science, Technology and Information Communication Award (2018)

ITS Product & Technologies :

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Product offerings

Multi-lane hi-pass
- Non-stop toll collection in high-speed driving
- Non-disruptive operating system

AI video recognition Solution
- AI recognition Server
- Camera/Control Board
- Operational Programs
- Number Recognition Module
- AI Video device
- AI Deep learning and central control services using Cloud
- 24-hour unattended operating system on over 99% recognition rate

Automated Fare Collection
- Automated Billing Infrastructure
- Fare collection system
- Development of payment method
- Toll processing and transaction data collection through electric money when using public transportation

- Intelligent transportation that communicate with vehicles, roads, and infrastructure to provide to drivers with real-time information


Autonomous Driving System
- SAE J3016 level 4 Autonomous driving shuttle
- Intelligently reacts and interacts with road unexpected situations and traffic signals through C-ITS linkage
- Precise obstacle detection and collision prevention through 3D Lidar and Ultra-sound sensors

Charging Infrastructure for Electric Vehicles
- Providing electric vehicle user service; electric vehicle charging station, personalized data service, payment and etc.
- Providing Battery Management System and parking linkage system and etc.