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  • Name : HA TAE IN
  • Department : Smart Transportation Business Team
  • Tel : 82-2-2099-0716
  • Fax : 82-2-2099-0099
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Company overview :

LG CNS shapes the future of our life.
We are dedicated to reinventing the way we live by applying innovative IT solutions to all that exists.
LG CNS provides comprehensive consulting, system construction and operation services in Korea and around the world with expertise earned from years of large-scale IT project successes. We are leading the Fourth Industrial Revolution with Cloud, AI, Big Data, IoT, Blockchain, and other new information technologies.

Business Area :

1st Category

※ Traffic Management
- Traffic Signal/Control · Incident Management · Traffic Information · Safe-driving Support
- Traffic Enforcement · Parking Management

※ Public Transportation
- Bus Information/ Management System · Public Transportation Information/Management
- Multi Modal Information/Management · Bus Rapid Transit System/Solution · Pedestrian/Disabled Support System

※ Electronic Payment
- Electronic Toll Collection · Electronic Parking Payment · Electronic Fare Payment

※ Traffic Information Integration/Management
- Traffic Information Integration · Traffic Information Center Traffic Data Management

※ Traveler Information
- Pre/On-Trip Traveler Information Service · Telematics Service

※ Advanced Vehicle/ROad
- Safe-driving Vehicle & Road · Autonomous Driving · Drive Assistant System

※ Commercial Vehicle Operation
- Fleet Management System · Hazardous Freight Management · Logistics

※ Others
- Platform Screen Door, Air Traffic Control

2nd Category

Hardware,Software,SI,Consulting,Others2,Operation and Maintenance, PSD

On going project or R&D :

- Hellas Smart Ticket Project in Athens, Greece
- AFC & FMS project in Bogota, Colombia
- MRT Feeder bus project in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
- T-money
- Smart Tolling project in Korea
- Lusail LRT platform screen door project in Qatar

Others :

· SIL4 : the highest level of safety in PSD (first in Korea)

ITS Product & Technologies :

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Product offerings

LG CNS is creating Smart Transportation success stories with IT. Safe and and effective transportation services that on their own are evolving rapidly to become more convenient, time efficient, and cost effective. Smart Transportation is a service implemented and operated with IT to enable more convenient, safer transportation encompassing all means of transportation from bicycles, passenger cars, buses and subways, to railways, and airplanes.


1. AFC Solution
LG CNS's AFC solution enables convenient electronic fare payment for all transportation systems. The solution mainly consists of electronic payment solutions for both passengers and vehicles, and it has evolved into the ABT and Open Payment platform beyond the existing closed-loop method, ultimately seeking to develop into Mobility as a Service (MaaS).
With the expertise and technologies acquired through experiences in many cities around the world, LG CNS provides end-to-end smart fare collection solutions and services by integrating transportation fare information, transportation vehicle information, and transportation route information.
LG CNS’s AFC solution provides transport operators with higher efficiency, profitability, and convenience by delivering unified fare management technology. LG CNS is an integrated solution provider that can supply everything from all types of AFC equipment, to solutions and application services for success in the public transit business sector.

2. FMS Solution
LG CNS's FMS provides scientific planning & allocation services from the planning stage and operation schedule, to optimal vehicle and driver allocation. During transit it provides real-time bus position tracking and management services so that drivers and center operators can maintain optimum intervals between vehicles and optimize vehicle/driver allocation more efficiently. Multiple information services including expected arrival time and bus route information through PIPs (Passenger Information Panels) installed in bus stops and buses, and accessible through mobile phones and sites on the Internet. By automating and organizing the entire process of bus operation from service schedules to statistics and reports, it enables flexible, effective responses to the changing needs of drivers, operators, bus companies, and government. LG CNS provides a Total IT Solution with AFC and monitoring for General and Rapid Transit Buses.

3. ITS/C-ITS Solution
As LG CNS's traffic control solution, it provides integrated, systematic solutions in all areas of traffic management including traffic information analysis, real-time monitoring and accident management, and traffic signal control.
The increase in urban populations and automobiles is increasing traffic congestion as well as the risk of accidents, with energy waste and air pollution emerging as social issues. In addition, the importance of the metropolitan area traffic management system is emphasized to meet the increased demand for metropolitan area transportation due to the expansion of the city and road networks.
LG CNS's traffic control solution provides integrated, systematic solutions in all areas of traffic management, including traffic information analysis, real-time monitoring and accident management, and traffic signal control. It also provides the latest traffic control system based on the V2X solution, a key technology of C-ITS.

4. PSD
A PSD system with SIL-4 (Safety Integrity Level-4), this glass and steel structure is installed between subway platforms and train tracks to protect passengers and create a more comfortable environment. Platform screen doors synchronize to open and close automatically with train doors.
The PSD system ensures safety by physically separates railway tracks from platform where passengers wait. When trains enter the station, the PSD also transfer if dust and dirty air, and reduce heating and cooling expenses for stations, providing a more comfortable and pleasant transit experience. Interfaced with the train signaling system so when trains arrive and depart, the Motorized Sliding Doors (MSD) operate and control passenger movement. Emergency Exit Doors (EED) are installed along with MSD so in emergencies, passengers can go reach platforms after opening the doors from the rail tracks. All MSDs and EEDs can be opened and closed manually from the tracks, ensuring the safe evacuation of passengers in emergencies. All opening and closing of PSDs are monitored and adjusted with multi-layered sensors as well as a control unit. SIL (Safety Integrity Level) 4, a high-level safety standard, has been applied to the PSD system, providing the driver with a driver indicator to check the operating status of PSD and DCP (Driver Control Panel) for controlling MSDs in case of an emergency.