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  • Name : Eva Jung
  • Department : Global Business Team
  • Tel : 82-70-5211-2410 / 82-10-4245-6118
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Company overview :

PARKING CLOUD Creates new values in Mobility Ecosystem. PARKING CLOUD Design and Develops complete Parking Management Systems and Solutions which enables offering seamless user experience to both Drivers and Parking Facility Operators with the Innovative AI Technology. A wide range of H/W and S/W would increase the Parking Facility Operational Efficiency and Well-designed Big Data based Solutions and Mobile App Service (Called “iParking”) would enables the increase of the sales channel and generate additional income source from the Parking Facilities.
The Company was founded in 2009 by Parking Expert with over 20 year experience and as of 2020, April, the company with about 400 employees, 20% of R&D and 20% of CS. PARKING CLOUD strives to provide and maintain the Best Parking System to the Clients in the World.

Business Area :

1st Category

※ Traffic Management
- Traffic Signal/Control · Incident Management · Traffic Information · Safe-driving Support
- Traffic Enforcement · Parking Management

※ Electronic Payment
- Electronic Toll Collection · Electronic Parking Payment · Electronic Fare Payment

2nd Category


On going project or R&D :

Developing License Plate Recognition Algorithms for Vietnam, Indonesia, and Malaysia license plates. The patterns of License plate number from each country can be recognized by our AI technology based on deep learning technology. We are expected to conduct the LPR Algorithms development in Globally starting from year 2021.

Others :

Major Patent and Certification
- ISO/IEC 27001 – Information Security Management (One and only company certified in the Parking Industry)
- ISO 9001 – Quality Management
- GS Certification (Good Software) _ CLOUD LPR, IPMS
- K Mark Certification
- Q Mark Certification
- EPC (Excellent Performance Certification)
- Certificate of Excellent Technology Evaluation (Best Level T-3)

Number of Certification: Total 80
- Product Certifications: 72
- Technical & Company Certifications: 8

Number of Patent and License: Total 102
- Patents: 34
- Service & Brand Licenses: 44
- Design Patents: 24

Main Patent Technologies (iPARKING Solutions)
- AI based LPR(License Plate Recognition) System
- Mobile Parking Management Solution and System. Mobile Parking Ticket System and Method
- Parking Lot Management Server and System

* In the process of applying PCT (Patent Cooperation Treaty) for our major Patents.
* Parking Cloud filed one patent in Vietnam

ITS Product & Technologies :

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Product offerings

[Smart Unmanned Parking System]
A fully Automated Complete Parking Management System which enables Easy Parking Fee Collection and Management of Monthly Parking (Subscription) users by Utilizing LPR (License Plate Recognition) Technology. “iPAKRING” system provides the most Economical implementation cost and the Smartest operation method to the Parking Facility Owners/Operators Sales Increase and Operational Cost Savings.


[Integrated Parking Management Solution]

H/W – Smart Parking Management H/W
1) LPR
2) Barrier Gate
3) Barrier Gate w/ LPR
4) Auto Pay Station
5) Parking Guidance System (Ultrasonic / Video)
6) iBOT (Auto Pay Station / Digital Signage / LPR )
7) Digital Signage
8) Kiosk
9) Vehicle Detection ( Loop Coil, Controller, Sensor )

S/W – Smart Parking Management S/W
1) iParking IPMS – Integrated Operating System
2) iParking CS – Monitoring Program
3) iParking Cloud LPR – LPR Monitoring Program
4) Parking Guidance System - Car Finding S/W
5) iParking Driver App – Enables Driver to Search the Parking Lot Information and linked with Navigation system directs to the Selected Parking Lot Entrance point.
6) iParking Pass – Pay Parking Fee with registered payment information in the App. None Stop entrance and exit at the iParking Zone. (Embedded in iParking App / Hyundai Automobile Genesis G80 Model in Car Payment)
7) iParking CEO – Enables Parking Lot Owners to Monitor Real-Time Status of Parking Lot Operation Features. (Sales, status of the system flow etc)
8) iParking Members – Offering Merchant or Parking Lot Owner to provide Parking Fee Validation to its Customers/Guests.