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Company overview :

LAON ROAD provides an AI-based technological solution to traffic. We are currently in the ongoing process of building advanced mobility systems and infrastructure based on AI imaging technology with traffic analysis capabilities. Using LAON TAS (Traffic vision Analysis System), LAON ROAD successfully ran smart intersection at 133 different intersections in Hwaseong-Si and provided AI solutions for traffic issues which was an exceptional case in Korea. Based on this data, we are continuing to work with other cities to develop more smart intersection projects. With such imaging, we were able to develop the first AI-equipped traffic video camera in Korea, supply AI smart intersections, smart crosswalks, AI VDS, AI emergency risk detection system, and traffic analysis platforms.

Business Area :

1st Category

※ Traffic Management
- Traffic Signal/Control · Incident Management · Traffic Information · Safe-driving Support
- Traffic Enforcement · Parking Management

※ Traffic Information Integration/Management
- Traffic Information Integration · Traffic Information Center Traffic Data Management

2nd Category


On going project or R&D :

Korean Government Projects
• Gyeonggi, Hwaseong - Smart intersection (2021)
• Gyeonggi, Anyang - Smart intersection (2022)
• Gyeonggi, Seongnam - Smart intersection (2022)
• Jeolla, Gwangyang - Smart intersection (2022)

Others :

Business performance
• LAON ROAD is the first company in Korea to participate in a real-time traffic control demonstration project in Anyang-Si..
• LAON ROAD has successfully run real-time traffic sign control system using our own AI video analyzing system (TAS) with certified efficiency. (19.10~’20.12)
• LAON ROAD has reached over 95% accuracy in detecting vehicles and has demonstrated improvements of up to 15% to traffic speed compared to conventional traffic systems.

ITS Product & Technologies :

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Product offerings

- Capability to detect two-way four-lane roads during sunrise, sunset, daytime, nighttime, snow, rain and in foggy environments.
- High-yielding accuracy in traffic volume calculations(top, 95%), vehicle speed (top, 95%), and vehicle occupancy in ROI (Region Of Interest) (top, 91%).
- Develop machine learning data and algorithm model for AI video analysis and identification.


Smart Intersection
• Smart intersection is a cutting-edge system that collects and analyzes various Smart intersection is a cutting-edge system that collects and analyzes information such as intersection traffic and potential risk factors using AI in order to improve city traffic flow through a variety of solutions such as TOD improvement, real-time signal control, and traffic policy establishments based on the information received through the system.

LAON TAS (Traffic vision Analysis System)
• Detects vehicles and pedestrians through AI video screening to analyze the real-time traffic situation at intersection locations.
• Detects the location of the pedestrian and identifies vehicle characteristics (vehicle model, size) etc.
• Tracks the identified object’s location, direction, and speed to analyze pedestrian volume, traffic volume, and the proportion of cars making turns.
• Analyzes vehicle traffic violations, stop line violation, tailgating, and traffic accident using location and tracking data.

LAON TMS (Traffic Management System)
• TMS indicates data collected from TAS deep learning algorithm on a map, allowing users to monitor traffic information in a more convenient manner. Intuitive GIS (Geographic Information System) view, interactive charts, and dashboard are offered for users as well as Web-based AI traffic information management.
• TMS is serviceable for traffic information analysis and policy establishments with a hierarchical structure optimized for spatiotemporal analysis, ranging from all intersections to individual intersections or roads through compositions of comparative analyses.

LAON DTN (Digital Twin Network)
• LAON ROAD DTN models the dynamic flow of real-world transportation networks. Based on real- time traffic data obtained from TAS, it implements real-time synchronized smart intersection digital twins, and uses AI reinforcement learning and simulations to visualize intermediate road traffic flows that cannot be obtained directly from road infrastructure with accurate predictions.
• In connection with LaonRoad TMS, we provide intuitive GIS-based traffic statistics, carbon emission prediction, and comparative service with before/after signal optimization.