ITS of Korea

Export of Korean ITS

Export cases

ITS in Bogota, Columbia
  • Projecte-Ticketing and integrated BMS (Bus Management System) in Bogota
  • Scope of WorkDeploy e-Ticketing system and BMS for 40 BRT stations and 12,000 buses
  • Contract Time2011-04-07
  • ContractorLG CNS
  • e-Ticketing

  • Transmilenio

Athens, Greece
  • Projecte-Ticketing Project in Athens
  • Scope of WorkEstablish and run transportation card system in all public transportation means in Athens
  • Contract Time2014-06-04
  • ContractorLG CNS
  • Railway Station in Athens

  • Ticketing System in Athens

ITS in Baku, Azerbaijan
  • ProjectITS Establishment in Baku City
  • Scope of WorkDeploy Urban Traffic Management System and BIS (Bus Information System)
  • Contract Time2008-05-08
  • ContractorSK C&C (Presently merged as SK Holdings)
  • View of Traffic Center in Baku

  • Signing Contract

Hanoi, Vietnam (FTMS)
  • ProjectEstablishment of FTMS on the highway between Hanoi and Haiphong
  • Scope of WorkSupply of H/W and S/W for the highway FTMS center and development of applied S/W
  • Contract Time2015-05-08
  • ContractorSK C&C (Presently merged as SK Holdings)
  • Launching Ceremony

  • Bird Eye View on Project Area

Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia (Transportation Card and Bus Information System)
  • ProjectSmart Bus Project
  • Scope of WorkEstablishment of AFC and BMS for 1,200 units of Ulanbaatar buses
  • Contract Time2014-03-04
  • ContractorKorea Smart Card Corporation (KSCC)
  • Launching Ceremony

  • Bus Operation in Ulanbaatar