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Korea has strengths in traffic management, electronic payment (transportation card) and public transportation (bus information system, BIS)
  • A total value of export of traffic information center (traffic management), transportation card (electronic payment), BIS (public transportation) is 1.1 billion dollars since 2006
  • (Traffic management) Establishment of ITS in Baku, Azerbaijan in 2008
  • (Electronic payment/public transportation) Establishment of bus information and transportation card system in Bogota, Colombia
Export is concentrated on developing countries in Southeast Asia and Latin America including Colombia, Azerbaijan, Vietnam and Mongolia
Region Country Order Volume (1 million dollars)
Latin America / North America Republic of Dominica, Mexico, US, Argentina, Ecuador, Honduras, El Salvador, Chile, Colombia, Panama, Paraguay, Peru 399
Asia Malaysia, Mongolia, Bangladesh, Vietnam, Sri Lanka, Singapore, India, Indonesia, Japan, China, Kazakhstan, Cambodia, the Philippines 366
Europe Greece, Azerbaijan, UK, Poland 338
Etc Oceania / Middle East / Africa 35

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