ITS of Korea

AFC(Automatic Fare Collection)

AFC – Automatic Fare Collection

One Card All Pass
  • One Card All Pass : an integrated card not only for nationwide taxi, bus, and subway fares but also for train expressway was developed and introduced in 2014
  • The first electronic payment system for public transportation was introduced in 1996, Seoul, Korea
  • Based on the reform of the Seoul bus system in 2004, with just one transportation card, users can pay for most public transportation modes including taxis, buses and the subways
  • Over 95% of bus passengers and 100% of subway passengers in Seoul use this transportation card

  • Cooperation(MOU)

    • Central & Local Governments
    • Transport Corporations
    • Card Companies
  • Transport Modes

    • Urban bus
    • Regional Bus
    • Subway
    • Public Bicycles
    • Railway(Express Rail)
  • Transport Facilities

    • Expressways(Tolling Roads)
    • Public Parking Lots