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easy traffic technologies, co.,ltd.

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  • Name : Seung-chun, Han
  • Department : Dep. Of Marketing
  • Tel : 82-70-4623-2282
  • Fax : 82-70-4009-4330
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Company overview :

EasyTrafficTechnology is a company that makes a safer and more convenient city by freeing the world from traffic lights using good technology. Here's what we did for this:
-Using 4G LTE technology, a wireless LTE modem for signal equipment was developed to free the communication environment between the control center and the controller.
-Using a smartphone app and center-based remote control technology, an emergency vehicle priority signal control system was developed to allow emergency vehicles to freely pass through signal intersections.
-Using AI camera technology, a real-time sensitive control system was developed to reduce congestion in the city.

Business Area :

1st Category

※ Traffic Management
- Traffic Signal/Control · Incident Management · Traffic Information · Safe-driving Support
- Traffic Enforcement · Parking Management

2nd Category


On going project or R&D :

1. R&D
- With Korea National Police Agency, “Development of AI signal control system in autonomous driving environment” Project
- With Korea National Police Agency, “Development of AI Signal Control System in Congested Road Network” Project
2. On going ITS Project
- “Development of Smart Emergency Vehicle Priority Traffic Signal Control System in Gangneng-City ITS” Project
- “Development of automatic traffic pattern generation SW for traffic signal control in ITS” Project
- “Development of AI-Camera based traffic respinsive control system in ITS” Project

Others :

• Wire & Wireless-Integrated Traffic Signal Control System
• Traffic Signal Priority Control System for Emergency Vehicles using Samrt phone
• CCTV and GIS-Integrated Center Control System
• Korea-First Good Software (Level 1) to the “Real-Time Traffic Signal Control System”
• Korea-First KC (Korea Certification mark) to the “Wireless LTE Model for Traffic Signal Controller”
• Citation of Gyeonggi-do Governor for Exellent Start-Up Company

ITS Product & Technologies :

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Product offerings

1. AI camera-based signal control system
-A ahaptive service that automatically adjusts the signal time according to the traffic volume in each direction by installing the latest AI-camera
-about 10~15% reduction in delay time

2. Emergency vehicle priority signal controlled by the control center
- A system that controls the priority signal remotely by tracking the location and route of the smartphone mounted on the emergency vehicle at the control center
- about 40~60% reduction in travel time of emergency vehicle

3. Wireless communication device for signal controller
- As a signal controller-only device that connects the communication between the center and the signal controller by wireless LTE, it greatly improves the difficulties of maintenance and repair of faulty lines that occur in the existing telephone/wired method.


- Development of wireless communication device for traffic signals and integrated wired and wireless signal system for the first time in Korea
- National Police Agency signal controller wireless communication device standard establishment + Contribute to vitalization of domestic signal market

- Developed Korea's first center-type emergency vehicle priority signal system
- 50% reduction in Golden Time + Presidential Award + Creation of a new market

- Complete wirelessization of Seoul’s traffic signal system, the largest in Korea
- Reduced communication/maintenance fee by 40% and urban congestion by reducing the failure rate to zero

- Developed the first AI camera-based signal control system in Korea
- Reduce intersection congestion, create new markets